TAPI Modem ActiveX 2.0.1: Complete TAPI solution for voice/data modem, with caller id support.

TAPI Modem ActiveX 2.0.1

TAPI Modem ActiveX 2.0.1 is an OCX control for software developers which can handle with phone calls using TAPI and 56K modem. With this TAPI ActiveX control you can make phone calls, receive phone calls, detect caller-id (caller name and caller number), detect digits, generate digits, and much more.

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TAPI Recorder Plus 1.1: Record and play sound thru a phone call using TAPI and a voice modem/sound card.

TAPI Recorder Plus 1.1

TAPI Recorder Plus is software that allows you to record and to play sound to a phone call using TAPI/Sound Card and a voice modem. Supported format are WAV, ACM, MP3, WMA, OGG and APE, fast and easy. The TAPI Control of the program allows you to manage phone calls using phone line and a standard 56K voice modem.

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TAPICall 4.1.018: CTI AddIn for Outlook, Popup of your contacts by Phone number, Journal entry

TAPICall 4.1.018

TAPICall immediately provides all relevant data concerning the caller, including memos, appointments and documents linked with the corresponding contact, by means of the caller identification. The user is perfectly prepared for the call and can optimally commit himself to the requirements of the caller. --- Benefit from your first-class contacts: The automatic provision of customer information reduces costs as well as handling time. TAPICall improves

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CT Messenger 2.0: TAPI compliant scriptable ActiveX object for over-the-phone notification and SMS

CT Messenger 2.0

TAPI ActiveX) for sending voice messages to a standard phone over any TAPI compliant hardware including a voice modem or telephony card. The same objects are used to send text messages to a pager or SMS-enabled cell phone. TAPI ActiveX objects from CT messenger can be used in Visual Basic (VB) or Visual C++ (VC). All you have to do is create a call tree with message consisting of some text or the names of pre-recorded voice files (or both), one or

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TapiRex 1.8: TapiRex shows a contact for an incoming phone-call with image, name and company

TapiRex 1.8

TapiRex shows a contact for an incoming phone-call with image, name and company. Microsoft Outlook is supported as source for the addresses as well as any other ODBC-database (like Access, mySQL, SQL-Server, ...). The program can even show incoming calls on any telephone plugged to any computer in your network (client-server mode). And there is even a large call-info-window for media-center-computers plugged to a tv or other large display.

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VTapi ActiveX 1.9.8461: Create IVR systems, answering machines, detect caller ID and much more!

VTapi ActiveX 1.9.8461

What can be done with VTapi ActiveX Control: Detect Caller ID on incoming calls, Make and answer telephone calls, Detect DTMF key press tones, Generate DTMF tones, Execute any commands on modem, Build computer telephony integration systems (CTI), Interactive voice response systems (IVR), Voice mail, Audiotext, Automated attendants, Digital recording, Predictive dialers, Telemarketing systems, Call center and more!

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xtelsio CTI Client 2.2.054

TAPI connector for Skype - also accessible by other TAPI applications. +++ You can install and activate an Outlook PlugIn for more comfortable call handling. +++ You can integrate an ActiveX Control in Access forms or other applications. +++ It`s possible to dial telephone numbers from within other applications by hotkey or mouse click, to search telephone numbers in other applications, to transfer telephone numbers or record IDs into other applications

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SmartCallMonitor 1.4.1: Phone Monitoring Software for TAPI capable hardware

SmartCallMonitor 1.4.1

SmartCallMonitor is the easy-to-use phone monitoring software for TAPI capable hardware like a telephone system or an ISDN card. Use your Outlook contacts for reverse lookup or request automatically an online service. Information will be shown in a clearly arranged datasheet.

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Caller ID ActiveX 2.0.1: Get the caller id information from an incoming call, using TAPI and 56k modem.

Caller ID ActiveX 2.0.1

Caller ID ActiveX 2.0.1 is an OCX control for software developers that can be use to get the caller id information from an incoming call, using TAPI and 56k modem.Get the caller id information from an incoming call with 3 source code lines, with visual basic 6, VB.NET, Access, and any other environment which supports the Microsoft ActiveX Technology.

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TERAVoice Server 2004: TERAVoice is a high-performance telephony platform for Windows.

TERAVoice Server 2004

TAPI and CAPI interfaces TERAVoice is able to support a wide range of telephony hardware starting from simple voice modem up to Multi-PRI ISDN boards or professional TAPI-based telephony boards even in mixed configurations. Flexibility TERAVoice combines the ease-of-use of simple voicemail solutions and the flexibility of programmable systems. Voice mailboxes, voice menus and several other call handlers can be created with just a few mouse-clicks

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